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Kalıcı Makyaj Kaş Boyası "Сhocolate Fondant", 10ml

Kalıcı Makyaj Kaş Boyası "Сhocolate Fondant", 10ml

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Permanent eyebrow pigment. 

Color: dark chocolate

They are absolutely safe, do not enter into metabolic processes, are characterized by an excellent residue of pigment on the skin after recovery.

Creamy consistency provides comfortable work with pigment, allows you to adjust the saturation of the shade.

Pigments are made on the basis of glycerin from purified inorganic dyes.


  • increased dye concentration;
  • color intensity; 
  • perfect fixation on the skin;
  • resistance to color loss.
  • Volume: 10 ml.

Products comply with European quality standards.

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